Sunday, February 17, 2019

Setting up a Wireless Network for a Computer Rental Business

Because of its convenience and flexibility, more and more computer rental owners are using wireless network for their business. Unlike the traditional wired cables, the wireless network is now being used for Internet access and connectivity to other units in the shop. Aside from Internet access, business owners can also use wireless network to share […]

Reasons Why People Choose Computer Rental than Owning One

If you would like to embark on a business venture but still haven’t made up your mind yet, maybe you can indulge some time in thinking about the idea of a computer rental. You must remember that even though the prices of computers seem to be going down and getting more affordable, it is not […]

Naming your Computer Rental Business

When it comes to people, many remember the faces but not the names. But when it comes to business, it’s the other way around. These days, more and more people are getting into businesses because they feel that it is the right way to go. In fact, because of the continuing advancement in modern technology, […]

Making your Dream Computer Rental Business come True

Business giants would agree that if there were one thing that made their dream businesses come true, it would their dreams. Indeed, dreams fuel any business ownership because it gives the person a motivation and goal to succeed. If you are one of those who dreams of putting up his or her own business, now […]

How to Pay for a Computer Rental

How to pay for a computer rental? Given that most of these shops are online, your only options are to pay this via credit card or to use PayPal. To pay for this via credit card, you have to fill up the form and then enter your 16 credit card number, expiration date and the […]

The Simplification Of Personal Computers

Once upon a time, anyone who knew how to do anything with a computer beyond switching it on would have habitually been referred to as a “geek”. Certainly, if you spent any more than an hour a day using a computer for anything other than work, you would have been considered uncool. However, recently the […]

Your PC – From Box To Desktop

As time goes on, any technological development will be refined and re-refined until it is automatic and can be operated by a trained monkey – and then it will be honed some more. As easy as we now find it to operate a personal computer, there was a time when it required a great deal […]

Great Things About Computers #6: Writing

The development of easier-to-use personal computers has contributed immensely to the ever-greater quantity of writing being done in this day and age. Although opinion will naturally be divided on whether this is a good thing, it has certainly democratized the process considerably, meaning that more and more people can get their writing published or publish […]

Great Things About Computers #5: Email

Before we had email, the world was a different place entirely – but it is hard to think how different because it has become such an accepted part of life that we hardly remember what we did before we could send and receive email. Most of us will use it at least once a day, […]