Sunday, February 17, 2019

Great Things About Computers #5: Email

Before we had email, the world was a different place entirely – but it is hard to think how different because it has become such an accepted part of life that we hardly remember what we did before we could send and receive email. Most of us will use it at least once a day, […]

Great Things About Computers #4: Music

The development of technology dedicated to music has been constant during all of our lifetimes. There will be many people reading this who can remember a time when the choices available for playing music amounted to “cassette or vinyl”, with possibly an 8-track player thrown in out of left field. These days, more and more […]

Great Things About Computers #3: Gaming

If you have a computer for any reason other than work and/or the Internet then the chances are that you are a gamer. There are other ways to play games – dedicated consoles are one such way – but the increased amount of memory available with a home computer means that more complex games are […]

Great Things About Computers #2: Data Storage

Information is everything. From the moment you are born, there is information pertaining to you, and a place for that information to be stored. As you go through life, you collect more and more information, and the pace of that information keeps increasing. The first time you get a bank account, the first time you […]

Great Things About Computers #1: The Internet

When talking about computers these days, it is almost accepted that one will be talking about the Internet. The fact of the matter is that there are few if any PC’s sold today that are not Internet-ready, and if you are in a position to buy a computer you are in a position, and of […]

Personal Computers And How They Change Our Lives

There is no doubt that in technology develops faster and faster the more time goes on. As progress speeds up, it also increases the options open to those who want to make it go faster. Unless something gives at some point, people will soon be ordering computers that are obsolete by the time they are […]

Are There Any More Luddites?

Long ago, when the Industrial Revolution was taking hold in Britain, a group of individuals rose up in protest against it calling themselves the “Luddites” (named after their fictional leader Ned Ludd). They smashed up machines, arguing that these machines would deprive working people of jobs. Ever since, people who stand in the way of […]

How Computers Have Fitted Into Our Lives

It was once imagined that computers were and always would be a luxury item. They would be kept in one room in the home, used mostly for work and would be coveted for their game playing facility by the children. Before the Internet had entered the mainstream of people’s consciousness, we could not have foreseen […]

Computers – The Predictions We Got Wrong

These days, we know where we are with computers. Even some of the most hardened Luddites of the past have come to terms with the fact that computers are not about to rise up and overthrow humanity, and are beginning to use them, if sparingly. But when we first started to explore an information technology […]

Our Lives Without Computers

It was not that long ago that computers were a real luxury, most families did not have one – and those who did had only one – and they were viewed as some awesome example of the future. One day, with computers, we would be able to do… well, the possibilities were endless. And a […]